Deep Carpet Cleaning With the Rotovac Powerwand

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Jay’s Carpet Cleaning is firmly committed to providing you with quality service you can count on. Our years of hands-on-experience in some of the most difficult carpet cleaning situations have lead us to choose some of the finest non-toxic chemicals and carpet cleaning equipment. That’s why we use the Rotovac Powerwand instead of the more common manual scrub wands.

Why Rotovac Powerwand?

Simple! The Rotovac Powerwand provides for a far deeper carpet cleaning compared to dated manual wand technology. Rotovac’s Powerwand contains two rotary vacuum heads that thoroughly clean your carpets from all directions with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. As the Powerwand is moved across your carpet fibers, the rotating heads continually spray cleaning solution onto the carpet surface, while simultaneously vacuuming up dirt, debris and dirty cleaning solution.

Older, more traditional manual carpet cleaning wands can’t match the volume of cleaning passes of the Powerwand, and are only capable of cleaning in two directions. In addition, the Rotovac Powerwand tends to leave carpets 20% drier than those cleaned with a manual wand – which means less disruption to your home and family life for you. You can get back to using your living room with the kids faster!

Cleaner Carpets for a Better Home

Especially in Las Vegas, it’s important work with a professional carpet cleaning company that is committed to providing exceptional, deep carpet cleaning. The desert environment is rough on your carpeting and can be a cause for health concerns. Fine desert dust particles the consistency of talcum powder embeds itself deep into the fibers of your carpet, and pollen, pet dander and more can build up in your carpeting causing nightmares for family members with allergies and asthma.

That’s why it is vital your Las Vegas carpet cleaner use the best tools available to extract all of the dirt, dust, allergens and debris that sit deep in the fibers of your carpet. Lesser tools and cleaning solutions just can’t get the job done properly. You’ll find that your carpets just aren’t as clean as they should be, you’ll end up cleaning your carpets more often, and the life of your carpet will degrade more quickly.

We insist on using the right tools and non-toxic chemicals to get the job done right! Our years of experience with the Rotovac Powerwand have proven time and time again why the Powerwand is a better choice for cleaning your carpets.

If you have questions, be sure to talk to your Las Vegas carpet cleaning company. Be open and candid with them. Ask them about the tools they use and what they recommend and why. Any professional cleaning company will be more than happy to explain their process to you in layman’s terms. Be wary of any cleaner that sidesteps questions or blatantly chooses inferior equipment and cleaning solutions.

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