Why Scotchgard Your Carpets? Answers From Professional Carpet Cleaners in Las Vegas

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Scotchgard is known in most households as a stain repellent. This durable liquid repellent prevents liquids from being absorbed into the surface it is applied to. When applied by Jay’s carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, Scotchgard keeps your carpets looking newer for a longer period of time, and makes clean-ups easier.

Have an accidental spill? If your carpets have been treated with this stain repellent, you will see the liquid sit on top of the carpet fibers. Just blot gently, and it will be removed with no evidence left behind. It can be used on residential and commercial carpets, most area rugs, and floor mats for your car.

Scotchgard application should take place after your carpets have been professionally cleaned using a deep extraction machine, to ensure that all dirt below the surface is removed. The Las Vegas carpet cleaning will remove the dirt, and the Scotchgard application will help to keep it out. Scotchgard themselves actually recommends carpets be cleaned at least once a year using this deep extraction method, and to re-apply the repellent after each instance. Whenever your carpets have been cleaned using this method, most of the Scotchgard protection is removed, so it is important that it be re-applied.

Drying times depend on the time of carpet it is being applied to. Long-haired or shag carpet will take longer to dry than a short-piled carpet, but will hardly ever exceed 24 hours. Once dry, the protection is invisible. It doesn’t make your carpet look or feel any different. In some cases, carpet fibers might stiffen a little due to fast drying or over application, but a quick pass-through with a vacuum will soften the fibers right up.

What most people don’t know is that Scotchgard is actually the Brand name for the product, and not the name of the product itself. Like many other products such as Kleenex, Band-Aid, and Scotch Tape, just to name a few, Scotchgard is one of those brands that is often times commonly used by consumers in reference to an item in the generic sense. With that being said, there are other brands of stain repellents that can be used on carpets; Vectra Spray and Forcefield are among others.

In my experience, I have found Scotchgard’s product to be the best. It has been around longer than any other product of its type, has been reformulated to ensure it is safe and environmentally friendly, and partners with leading brands such as Mohawk Carpet and Bissell. Whenever our customers are interested in a stain repellent, Scotchgard is the only product we use and recommend. Over one million pounds of carpet get thrown away every year. Don’t add to this statistic; protect your carpet so you don’t have to replace it!

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